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Nazareth City in Israel - Nazareth Travel, Hotels, Tours and Tourism Guide

Nazareth - The City Of Annunciation

Nazareth lays in the lower Galilee and not far from the lake of the Sea of Galilee, is a small city of mainly modern appearance. Nazareth is a mix of races and religions. The historical city of Nazareth is one of the major places around the world where celebrations to mark the year AD 2000 took place.

A real visit to Nazareth is much more than just a tour of the Old City. One of the basic rules for understanding Nazareth is to get to know its surrounding landscape: a horsehoe-shaped bally whose concave side faces the Jezreel Vallry. At one end of the horseshoe, on the open side, a large cliff steeply drops down to the vally's fields.
The heart of Nazareth is the Old City, which is comprised of two parts: the nucleus - the historical and religious core - and the ``casing" - the markets, mansions, and houses on the slope of the Nebi Sa'in Ridge. The expansion of the city's tourism area will bring the visitors to the top of the ridge and from there to the city and its chrches.

Nazareth Sites - Virtual Tour
The Church of Saint Gabriel:
From the Church of St. Gabriel, a narrow street winds among the houses of Old Nazareth to the Church of the Annunciation.The huge modern - day building, completed in 1966, is constructed over a cave traditionally believed by Roman Catholics to be the site of the Annunciation.
At noon, its gates close to the public.
They reopen at 2, but only until 4:30, and in summer until 5:45.
On Sundays, the church is open only for mass.
The Church of Saint Joseph:
Two storeys high, they are roofed with tiles manufactured in Marseilles and their walls are coated with a yellowish- brown plaster. There are over a hundred of these houses, and Adeeb Daoud knows all of them inside and out. Besides examining them thoroughly, he has documented them and seen to it that they were declared buildings slated for preservation.
After it's burned, it's left to lie for a little while, until it stops smoldering. There's one lime supplier in Galilee whom everyone runs to, because he lets the lime lie for two months.
The Mosque Quarter:
TRAVEL AND TOURS CHURCHES IN NAZARETH, ISRAEL In Harat Alghama, the Mosque Quarter, in the center of the market, stands the White Mosque, a Turkish building with an exquisite pencil -shaped minaret. The tomb of Abdullah et-Fahoum, governor of Ottoman Nazareth and builder of the mosque, is in the courtyard. The mosque was built in 1812, during the reign of Suleiman Pasha. Suleiman's successor', Abdallah, put Sheikh Amin el Fahoum in charge of the mosque, and today it belongs to the Fahoum family religious trust.
The bishop's residence:
The bishop's residence is on the periphery of "Author's House Square," one of the most beautiful squares in the Old City. Local folklore long claimed that numerous cisterns and caves lay beneath the square and its surrounding area, and now it has emerged that they really do exist.
If possible, a passageway linking them will be installed and visitors will be able to tour underground Nazareth. Author's House Square is the home of what is known as "The Higher Institute of Art and the Author's House.

Nazareth Holy Sites
The Holy Sites of Nazareth are all inside or underneath the various churches.
Grotto of the Virgin: This site is beleived to be the place where the Angel announced to theVirgin Mary that she was to become a mother. At the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Joseph's Workshop: The supposed location of St. Joseph's carpenter shop.At the church of St Joseph's

St Mary's Well: According to a version to be found in the apocriphal Gospel this well is the true place of the annunciation At the Church of St Gabriel.

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